Llona-Glo Shea Butter Soufflé was born out of my need for a natural healthy product to nourish, enhance and maintain my skin in its best and healthiest state.  Weather you wear makeup or go natural, it is a good thing, to feel comfortable in the skin you are in.


Llona-Glo Shea Butter Soufflé contains Grade A unrefined Grade A Shea Butter. This Shea Butter is high in nutrients that are naturally good for your skin. It also has natural healing properties that assist in expediting the repair of your skin. In addition, this Shea Butter is edible.  The oils added to produce Llona-Glo Shea Butter Soufflé are also edible.


The use of Llona-Glo Shea Butter Soufflé will; nourish your skin, help to maintain its optimum healthy appearance, help to preserve,  heal , overcome muscle fatigue, tension and arthritic ailments. With the touch of Llona-Glo Shea Butter Soufflé you will not only feel comfortable in the skin you are in, you will also feel and look beautiful in your renewed skin with its natural “Glo” of Llona-Glo Shea Butter Soufflé.