We are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Our human skin is constantly being renewed. As the old cells of our epidermis fall away they are replaced by new cells daily. I developed Llona-Glo Organic Salts Scrub to support this natural process.  Llona-Glo Organic Salts Scrub gently exfoliates the whole body. The ingredients that are contained in Llona-Glo Organic Salts Scrub are all edible.  The combination of oils, Himalayan and Organic Sea Salts massaged over your skin is not only wonderfully therapeutic it is also blissfully relaxing.


Prior to showering, begin with your hands (palms and top sides). Massage your hands and between your fingers thoroughly and repeatedly.  Then massage your arms, your legs and your feet, one by one. Move to your neck, chest and back at your own pace. Remember, this is you taking care of your skin and you deserve to be cared for.  As you massage your body thoroughly with the Llona-Glo Organic Salts Scrub you will begin to feel the stress of day leaving your body. And you enter into a more peaceful, relaxed state of being. Now you can turn on the shower and wash.

When your shower is completed, gently towel dry your renewed skin. You will immediately feel the buffed, softened new skin that has emerged.  Your skin is now prepared for the final touch of Llona-Glo Shea Butter Soufflé.