I was introduced to Shea Butter in 1995 when I met my dear sister-friend Aba in Colorado Springs CO where we were both living. Aba is a beautiful Ghanaian soul with flawless skin. She used raw Shea Butter as a daily skin moisturizer. I quickly learned more about this unknown product and began using it on my own skin. It did not take too long to notice the positive difference the Shea Butter was making in the overall appearance of my skin. I also recognized the superior health benefits of using Shea Butter on my skin because of its natural healing properties. It is also non toxic and edible, unlike the Petroleum base products I grew up using and the complex toxic lotions I was using as an adult.


After relocating to GA I endeavored to develop a skincare product that contained a greater percentage of quality Shea Butter than any other brand.  When I understood that the largest organ we human beings have is our skin, it spoke volumes to me. With this understanding, the premise “everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body” rang true to me.  As an evolving naturalist, the statement “If you cannot eat it, don’t put it on your skin” became the foundation for developing Llona-Glo skincare.


I became further motivated by the prospect of partnering with a village co-op in Ghana to purchase the Shea Butter these woman produce in a fair trade environment. This will provide women in Ghana the financial means to help feed and educate their children, maintain the family group and improve their living environment with clean water and solar energy.  The idea of accomplishing this while producing a product that will benefit consumers in the USA and abroad is indeed a dream come true.